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Welcome to the Best Pharmaceutical Distributor in Anantnag (J&K)

S&I Enterprises (Registered) Pharmaceutical Distributors, located at First Floor, Dar Shopping Complex, General Bus Stand, Anantnag, established by two Friends - Mohammad Shafi Mir & Mohammad Iqbal Itoo on May 4, 2003, at their residence Bumthan Mirbazar Anantnag.

The Firm was set up with an aim to Sell and Stock only Quality Medicines in our society. After two months they shifted the firm from Mirbazar Anantnag to General Bus Stand Anantnag in July 2003. Both the partners took the partnership until December 2009. After the Dissolution of the partnership, Mohammad Shafi Mir took all the responsibilities of the firm on his own shoulders. Mohammad Shafi Mir made various changes to S&I Enterprises since 2010. A very special attention and focus have been given to Quality medicines and Quality services in Anantnag.

Moreover, Mohammad Shafi Mir added Quality & Bulk Medicines to the inventory system, so that the customers will get their maximum requirements fulfilled at our firm. We believe that our customers are our partners in the business. Therefore, extraordinary care has been given to customers of the firm as our customers knew that customer care cell has been inaugurated in Jan 2011 for their assistance.

It became easy for our customer to raise their questions, queries, complaints, orders and another day to day matters with our customer care executive on every TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Mobile No. +91 9419558285.

S&I Enterprises had been fully computerized in 2010 and the firm has gone online in 2012. Our official website - www.sienterprises.in has been launched on February 4, 2012, to minimize the gap between our customers. Now our customers can directly put in their choice & click on their requirements on our website.
We assure all our customers that their orders/requirements sent on our website will be supplied to them strictly within 24 hours of the booking being made. We promised to deliver quality Medicines and services to our society. That is the basic principle of our firm. Thank you

Technical Support By:
Mohammad Shafi Mir
Business Development Manager
Mobile No. +91 9906595315

We sell & stock the products of below-mentioned segments
Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food Products, Cosmeceuticals, Surgical, Unani & Ayurvedic Medicines

Pharmaceutical Products
- Anti-inflammatory Analgesic Antipyretic Medicines
- Pre Probiotic Medicines
- Hemostatic Medicines
- CNS Medicines
- Cough & Cold Medicines
- Antiemetic & anti-ulcer Medicines
- Antifungal Medicines
- Anti Biotic medicines
- Anti Allergic Medicines
- Multivitamin Multi mineral Medicines
- Calcium Supplements
- Protein Powders           
- Iron Medicines
- Ointments
- Creams
- Gels
- Peripheral Neuropathy Medicines
- Steriods Medicines
- Gynecology Medicines
- Pediatric Medicines
- Cardiac Medicines
- Diabetic Medicines
- Critical Medicines
- Hypertensive Medicines

Food Products
- Protein Powders
- Lycopene Preparation
- Multivitamin Preparation
- Multimineral Preperation
- Body grow Preperation
- Codliver oil & vitamin E Preperation

Cosmeceutical Products
- Glycerine 20 gms
- Glycerine 50 gms
- Glycerine 100 gms
- Glycerine 400 gms
- Vaseline 15 gms
- Vaseline 40 gms
- Vaseline 100 gms
- Lip guard 
- Body Lotion 100 gms
- Sun Screen Lotion
- Ketoconazole & ZPTO shampoo
- Anti Acne Cream
- Anti-Fungal Cream
- Hyperpigmentation cream
- Cold creams
- Aloe vera cream
- Vitamin E cream
- Piles ointment

Surgical Items
- Cotton
- Bandage
- Corn caps
- Crape Bandage
- Sprit
- Hydrogen peroxide H2O2
- Suture Needles
- Cotton Thread
- Surgical
- forecef

Unani & Ayurvedic Medicines
- Sharbete bazoori motadil
- Shank Pushpi
- Heralka
- piles cure
- Leuco 7
- Cycloris

Pharmaceutical Products


S&I Enterprises (Anantnag) - The Best Pharmaceutical Distributor, with a wide range of ethical products committed to healthcare.



S&I Enterprises (Anantnag) - The Best Cosmetic Product Distributor, with a wide range of ethical products committed to healthcare.



S&I Enterprises (Anantnag) - The Best Surgical Items Distributor, with a wide range of ethical products committed to healthcare.